Static and Mkv

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Static and Mkv

Post#1 » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:22 pm

Ok I have been trying to find a way to watch a movie. I have been trying to stream. When I go to a avi file it startes but I get a lot of static right away. When I go to watch a MKV file it starts and runs good for about 10 minutes and then it stops and tells me that the plugin is not supported or it has crashed.

I am using Firefox. I have downloaded the latest divx web player and have also gotten the latest Klite codec mega pack. My fire fox I uninstalled today and reinstalled it to make sure that the divx and flash player are both current. I also got the latest Adobe Flash Player.

On top of everything else I have the latest Video card drivers for my GTX 760 4GB

By the way it doesn't happen when watching TV shows just movies

Thanks for any help in advance

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Re: Static and Mkv

Post#2 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:01 am

I would lean towards the AC3 settings, or it could be same setting in ffdshow.
Taken from below link so you might want to read the rest of the page or just search the Divx forum. ... _mkv_movie

In Klite for this setting
Taken from here So you might want to read the rest of the page, or just read on the Klite site.

Q: How can I send the audio to my receiver instead of my PC speakers?

Most receivers are able to decode AC3 (= Dolby Digital) and DTS audio. If you have connected your receiver to your PC with a digital cable, then you can send AC3 and DTS audio directly to your receiver by using S/PDIF or HDMI pass-through. Modern receivers even support HD audio formats such as E-AC3 (= Dolby Digital Plus) and Dolby TrueHD.

It is also possible to output other audio formats to your receiver by re-encoding the audio to AC3 in realtime.

The location of the S/PDIF options depends on which decoder that you are using, either ffdshow or AC3Filter. The codec pack uses ffdshow by default.


In ffdshow audio decoder configuration, go to the "Output" page. There you can find checkboxes to enable S/PDIF pass-through for AC3 and DTS audio.

If you also want to send the audio from other audio formats to your receiver, then you need to enable the "AC3 (S/PDIF encode mode)" checkbox under "Supported output sample formats".

Only the audio that is processed by ffdshow will get re-encoded to AC3. If you also want ffdshow to process audio that has been decoded by a different DirectShow filter, then you need to go to the "Codecs" page in ffdshow configuration and set "Uncompressed" to "All supported".

If you have problems getting pass-through to work properly, then try disabling the "Connect as PCM first" option in ffdshow.


To activate S/PDIF output, enable the checkbox called "Use SPDIF" that is located on the "Main" tab.

All S/PDIF options in AC3Filter are located on the "SPDIF" tab.

If you want AC3Filter to process audio that was decoded by a different DirectShow filter, then you need to enable PCM on the "System" tab.

I would lean towards the AC3/ffdshow settings. If not try in your audio settings both OS and the card. You should be able to change a lot of settings like playback formats and sample rates. It's just a setting that is wrong. If it was working then start with the Divx Codecs first then the Klite.
Also might be a good Idea to remove the Divx Codec pack being you have Klite to many Codecs can conflict with each other. Not sure how but I think un-install Divx and then when reinstalling you can choose to install the Codecs or not. All you need to stream is the Web Player unless you use the stand alone player. But you can pick what to install.
Hope this helps

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