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The Scene - MP4s

Post#1 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:14 am

I registered with the forums just to talk about this issue. Ok first of all, not sure if this Scene is the leaders of Icefilms or some external controllers but I do have to ask no matter who they are how could it possibly be their choice to phase out AVI and implement MP4's? From first hand experience MP4s are total crap unless you download them which completely defeats the point of this entire website. If I wanted to download I would go back to torrents.

This is NOT the time to be making a major change with the format of videos on a streaming site that is already almost broken because of the hosting sites. In all honesty the choice that "The Scene" made was completely retarded. How about we fix the current problems before creating more?

Finally, no matter who "Decree's" this decision the internet is more of a sovereign democracy than any form of government on this planet which is why so many people have been fighting for it. No one makes our decisions for us, if we want to use AVI because its smaller in size, easy to stream, and most highly used format then anyone that says otherwise can honestly go get bent. Please no one take offense to this, I am speaking my most honest opinion here. The masses say MP4 doesn't don't be ignorant...stick with what works and don't implement a broken system.

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Re: The Scene - MP4s

Post#2 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:40 am

Like it or not, MP4s are here to stay.

The release groups have nothing to do with Icefilms, and they have been releasing MP4s now for quite a while, there just wasn't a standard for them to follow, so they weren't really "official" releases.

FYI: The masses are NOT saying that MP4s don't work. The masses don't care that the files won't stream, because they download first and watch later.


This is what seems to be happening with scene releases:

TV (SD) - MP4, AVI (AVI released later, sometimes up to a day later)

Movie (SD) - AVI
Movie (HD) - MKV

So there's still a little life left in the AVI/xvid format yet, but not much.
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Re: The Scene - MP4s

Post#3 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:17 pm

It is just a matter of time till players are updated to handle the new containers.
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Re: The Scene - MP4s

Post#4 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:41 pm

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Re: The Scene - MP4s

Post#5 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:32 am

Ugh... if the mass hordes of internet users had it their way we would still be stuck in the 90's with VCD's

Anyone around back in those days when the switch over from VCD/SVCD to divx avi's was going on? Same crap that you see today, all kinds of leech users complaining in the same vain as they are now without any knowledge as to the real WHY... they complained how their dvd players played SVCD but not divx.. etc etc..

They just cannot accept change, even when it's for the better.. but of course they can't see WHY it's for the better because they don't care to, they have everything working just the way they like right now, any disruption to that and they kick and scream

With MP4 the video rippers can use x264 which is a much more advanced video codec than divx/xvid = better quality video files. So I see it as they are actually doing us a favor by finally dumping avi's

And who exactly are these 'masses' that say MP4 doesn't work? You need to look outside of Icefilms, it works just fine.

So do you want to keep 'fighting' to ensure that your legacy divx avi files are still produced, or will you open your eyes and realize the potential of stepping into 2012 and using the best free video codec we have available to use right now?

Everyone and everything will eventually adjust and you can go back to being all snuggly warm knowing that whatever you play your video files on can play whatever is being released... that is... until the next format change!! Duummmm dummm dummm!!

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