IceFilms TV Season/Show Listing Fix/Patch Here XBMC

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IceFilms TV Season/Show Listing Fix/Patch Here XBMC

Post#1 » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:11 pm

Hello guys,
this is my first post on IF forum.

I was going through the python code for ""

and within minutes was able to fix the tv listing issue.

Here is the fix.


open "" in your favorite python editor.


Line 1071

it should look like this


change it to:




Line 1105

it should look like this


edit it to make it match this code


save and close ""

and you should see all tv seasons and episodes

the only draw back that i noticed was rather visual

since the application works like a scraper

scraping h4 tags for seasons available, also shows the href "a" link tags. however it does not hinder the functionality what so ever.

have fun guys.

To the developers of icefilms and xbmc addon. Thank you for this great website and plugin.

A much novice python guy - source_code
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