This site is not what it used to be..

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This site is not what it used to be..

Post#1 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:48 pm

Iv have used this site for years . Its been my 1st choice to go to download movies an tv shows, However over the past year or so i finding myself goin elsewhere more an more . Not any specific site just spend like hour searching many sites. Why ? because this site has been last one to get movies posted. There is no longer any fast download links. all the fast ones dont seem to be used anymore lately. the fast links was one my main reasons for being here. I really miss the good old days wen this site was always the go to place grab a move or tv show have it done downloading in 5 min or less. Maybe its not the sites fault, Maybe the media industry finaly won. But i decided its no longer worth the hassle of waiting an hoping for fast links. Went got me a bunch of legal streaming packs. Good luck to all you with the slow links we are now stuck with. Hopfully one day things here will be good again.

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