comment for discussion..Grabbing "WEB-DL" files.........

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comment for discussion..Grabbing "WEB-DL" files.........

Post#1 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:38 am

.......Is becoming my favourite scene activity, though one does usually have to wait 24 hours or more because uploaders like FLEET, AVS etc. keep cutting off the tail end of shows .
Though today upon reviewing one of my Fox shows, was a 'thank you' right at the start by Fox directed, no doubt, to registered Fox-on-Demand users, but so I don't get him/them into trouble I won't name the uploader.
R-*** is obviously based in the US, to which from my location I can't get Fox-on-demand to co-operate, most likely stemming from agreements made with out-of-country distributors. Then the thought struck me that this is maybe how they do counting for Nielson ratings in this age of PVR/DVRs, Duh!

Therefore this is one time I will deviate from my usual stance and say this is where VPN or proxy servers and maybe even altering the DNS setting in Windows/Linux comes into play if you want to place yourself within a country where a content provider shuts you out, simple but old news as well.

As I use R-D's torrent tool, hide my I.P. address that way, but can't always find a WEB-DL, even with TPB or RARBG.
Not too worried about it though, will d/l one of the cut-offs if I feel too impatient to wait. WEB-DL is just a nice way to get your shows without the pop-up station id/ads and include credits if one is curious about who's who.

Was going to call this a rant, but why? not angry about anything, its just a fact of this life we're in.
I'm bored, can't wait for the rest of the season to get going full steam. ]:)

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