What's with the terrible hosters boobies?

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What's with the terrible hosters boobies?

Post#1 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:56 am

Owndrives and Suprafiles are garbage. Openload is fine for what it is, but they convert to highly compressed mp4. I've always come here for quality and convenience, but convenience is out the window lately.

I want the 4 GB mkv's, but both of these hosts are always throttled on the server side at ~600 KB/s. You're talking hours to download a goddamn movie. My internet is 75 MB/s. A 4 GB movie takes less than 10 mins.

I've been going to Reddit to get the same high quality file locker links more and more lately. 2 hrs vs 10 mins. Icefilms is slower to post new releases, and the hosts are an absolute joke. I used to love this site. I hope you guys get your shit together.

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