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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:30 pm
by fatgirlstryhard
Nevermore669 wrote:Hi there!

Before you post, take a little time to try to work out the problem for yourself based on the experiences of those who came before. The search function (right at the top of the page) can yield all kinds of juicy tidbits. You will likely find just what you need - just try to describe your issue as best you can, and don't be afraid to try different terms if you don't find what you need right away. Sure, you can post without looking, but you should know that the turnaround on this forum is usually measured in hours - a lot longer than it will likely take you to find the answer yourself.

As surprising as it might seem, a lot of the problems people have connecting can be fixed simply by clearing your caches. It's quick and easy (you'll have to log back into your sites, and your starred items will disappear, though). Here are some instructions:

Whenever anything goes wrong, the first thing you should do is clear your caches and delete all your cookies:

Clear all cookies and browser cache (in Firefox) by selecting the clear recent history function. Be sure all applicable entries are checked (under the details tab), and be sure to select "everything" at the top. Then clear your divx download cache (right-click in player window, select preferences, download cache, and clear it). Restart your browser.

Please interpret the instructions for your browser (if it's not firefox). In chrome it's called clearing "all saved data." Try hitting [ctl,shift,del] then clearing EVERYTHING. The instructions for the divx webplayer are the same.

Note: Recently it appears someone had some issues because of the installation of persistent flash cookies (LSOs) on their machine. To remove them I recommend you get a browser addon for that purpose. For firefox, try Click&Clean, or Better Privacy - be sure to configure after installation. For chrome there's a Click&Clean addon, too.

If all that didn't help and you still need to post, we'll be happy to help. See you on the forums!

restored this one from backups; i killed it by accident. xD

all credit due to Nevermore669.