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Talk about TV shows and Movies and such. No requests.

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The Social Network

Post#1 » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:20 am

I thought it was a pretty awesome movie. I think people who come out of it viewing Mark Zuckerburg as a stuck up jerk or whatever I've read in all the reviews totally missed the point of the movie. But regardless, if you take it as face value, as a fictional movie, not as a completely factual story of facebook's founding, then I think it was a pretty good movie. They managed to turn a movie that was almost entirely a dude sitting at a computer writing code or a bunch of lawyers talking into something that was exciting and enjoyable to watch. I felt odd updating my facebook status afterward, especially when I thought about when I first got facebook, it was pretty much almost right after they opened it up to high school students, in 2005 (when I graduated) and it had just gone live in February 2004. I remember hearing the in news about that facematch thing or whatever, and I remember hearing about facebook and how only college students could do it. It's just crazy to think how big it got and so fast. I can't imagine being Mark Zuckerburg and having to deal with all of that at once on top of whatever actually happened behind the scenes with his friends. But I got into more of the backstory than the movie and this is supposed to be about the movie... haha. Anyway, I thought it was 7/10 stars. :) Thoughts?

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Re: The Social Network

Post#2 » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:53 pm

I watched it, it was ok. Its a shame that a no talent ass clown like timberlake was in it. The film itself was ok, I wasn't in to it from the start, not sure why, probably not its fault. I'm a reluctant facebook user, and perhaps that is why I wasn't into the movie. I thought all the characters seemed quite douchey and asshole-ish, and throughout the entire thing I was thinking, "So this Suckberg kid only a couple years older than me and the motherfucker is rich. Bastard!" I give the movie itself 6/10

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