using Chrome: No sound on vids and ICE Quick Stream 6.1

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using Chrome: No sound on vids and ICE Quick Stream 6.1

Post#1 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:16 am

1. Whenever i try to play a video i get a pop up that says "Your version of ICE Quick Stream (v5.1) is out of date!
Please click OK to update your script to v6.0 now." So i click ok and i get another message saying "Apps, extensions, and userscripts cannot be added from this website." So i found another way to download it. Once i do, chrome tells me i already have 6.1 so why am i getting this message and how do i make i t stop?

2. When i try to play a video from DivX i get yet another pop up.. it says "This file contains a track in an unknown format. YOu may need to install a Quick Time decoded for this audio format in order to hear the soundtrack of this file." Where do I find this?

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Re: using Chrome: No sound on vids and ICE Quick Stream 6.1

Post#2 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:03 pm

Uninstall ice quick stream. Install tampermonkey. Reintall IQS from the mainpage, making sure tampermonkey is on when installing. As for your audio issues try installing ac3filter. You may want to uninstall any other codec packs you have as ac3filter handles just about anything you throw at it. Also, having to many codec packs is often very troublesome. There are a ton of threads you can reference for this type of thing in the old help section. Hope this helps (nod)
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