Help! Video & sound skip/freeze computer/random links

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Help! Video & sound skip/freeze computer/random links

Post#1 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:05 am

I am wondering whether someome would help with an issue I'm having trying to watch videos on icefilms. This issue has happened intermittently since I started using icefilms over a year ago, but hasn't occurred for several months.

Anyway, the video opens fine, and the download speed is great but then it gets stuck and skips in one spot right at the beginning. It's similar to what it sounds like when an LP record gets stuck - the video and sound are affected. The computer freezes up, and I have to wait several minutes before I can get a chance to close out of the browser. Sometimes after several minutes of doing this, it suddenly starts playing normal for a second ot two, then starts again.

If I pause the video just after the video opens, and let it completely load, everything loads excellent. However, when I unpause the DivX player, same issue.

Sometimes the issue is resolved by restarting the pc, clearing the browser history and temp files, but that could be a coincidence because just as often it doesn't work.

I also try other random links, and have the same issue. Yesterday and tonight I was trying to watch COPS (LOL!)

I am using Firefox 8 and have confirmed I am using the IQS 4.4. update and verified GM is enabled. I have changed nothing on my pc.

I use icefilms quite often, sometimes daily, and usually have no problems at all. This issue has cropped up for the last 2 days.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated and fantastic to resolve the issue once and for all. Thanks much!!

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Re: Help! Video & sound skip/freeze computer/random links

Post#2 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:29 am

Make sure you have the correct Divx player ( you did not update by accident )
Install the AC3 filter from the mainpage ... e/download

If it is just random links giving problems it is a codec issue and the AC3 filter should help fix it.
You may still get some links that will not play correct as they may have different codes encoded for the audio. If it is all the links giving problems then it's not codec issues and something else like the divx player version is the wrong one or something else, but you should still install the AC3 as this is becoming the standard for newer stuff and HQ stuff.
You can also use VLC to watch/stream it will play everything, has all codecs built in.

You can also look through this post on audio issues.viewtopic.php?f=24&t=643
It can also be just bad files I don't know which ones you are having problems with.
If it just started then it is something you have changed recently so check the divx player first.

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