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No DIVX button

Post#1 » Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:29 pm

hello, i am having a issue with the video player. When I try to play a movie, only the VLC button will appear and not the DIVX button. I just updated to Ice Stream 5.5, but I also went back to 5.4 to see if this would resolve the issue, but it has not. I just wanted to see if there was a quick fix to this problem that i am over looking. Thanks

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Re: No DIVX button

Post#2 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:21 am

What buttons appear depends on the file you are accessing:

Way wrote:
From the Main page

Choice of VLC, DivX Web Player, or Flash Player

We've heard your complaints. Due to popular demand, the DIvX Web Player (DWP) is back! After some intense late night coding, our script will now detect if you have DWP installed and will show you a 2nd play button if you do. We also detect which version of DWP you have installed so the button will only appear if your version of DWP is capable of playing that specific filetype. Finally, if you've not installed DWP or the filetype is not playable in your version of DWP, the 2nd play button can become a Flash Player button. DWP 1.x will play AVI & DIVX files, DWP 2.x+ will play AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, & MOV files, and Flash will play MP4 & FLV. The VLC play button will always be there as it plays every filetype. Enjoy!
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Re: No DIVX button

Post#3 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:49 pm

You will see the Divx play button if you have the Divx web player plugin installed in your browser and if it is turned on.

Look at the tutorial and read the part about managing plugin's

How to manage plugins

Greasemonkey>manage user scripts>plugins

Click wrench icon in the toolbar>Settings>Under the Hood tab>Content settings in the "Privacy" section>disable individual plug-in's

tools>manage add-on's

IMPORTANT:Turn on the Divx web player plug-in. If you have the VLC plug-in, disable it.

In the tutorial there are links to all that is needed to fix your problems.

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