very slow downloads

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very slow downloads

Post#1 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:17 am

(:| For the last month or so I have been experiencing very slow downloads. Shows and movies used to download at rates of 400kb/sec to 1.5 mb/sec. now it s only downloading at rates of 35-70kb/sec. a half hr show is taking over an hour to download and 90% of the time it fails. As well as nothing is streaming. any ideas on what is going on and how to fix this problem? Is anybody else experiencing this?

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Re: very slow downloads

Post#2 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:28 pm

YES! I am getting the same problem. They usually download very fast - and now they start off at 300 something and then slowly decrease to about 30 - 50 kbps. If I endure, they eventually get up to 98 - 120 kbps, but its really infuriating and I even upgraded my internet thinking that could be the problem (I'm new to AT&T) and its still the same rate.

Is this a problem with the hosting sites??

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Re: very slow downloads

Post#3 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 9:14 pm

Glad to see I am not the only one. But please realize that you are linked to the sites, icefilms is not the provider so you are subject to internet issues. What I would like to know is why videos do not buffer?? JW player is a joke if not a fast connection. what ever happened to the long buffering so a person could let it buffer for a while and then watch? I love this site because of the vast content and past support if anyone has any way to get around these complications please contribute to the solution.

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