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Re: Download Failed! every time

Post#16 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:03 pm

I dont think its related to icefilms, but instead Divx. At least for me, i've tried reinstalling divx several times, clearing cache etc. For some reason, the links will work sometimes and sometimes they wont. There doesnt seem to be a correlation between me trying to fix it, and it working.

Today I tried two links that worked, and then suddenly it stopped working again. I then tried the test movie on the DivX site, and that didnt work either. I think its a problem with the latest WebPlayer.

:( I really hope someone finds a fix.. its been happening to me for a while now...

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Re: Download Failed! every time

Post#17 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:05 am

It's not a virus. Start over from scratch with your codecs and players. Start with k-lite, or avicodecpackplus, make sure ac3 filter is installed. Then re-install the latest
divx player. You can get the newest full version (not free, but free for you) at the link i provided below. Keygen included.!ZY5BWCzB!OEUjR1btPgHyoAaXiwZbHSj1FKEaUbTGjdPF77pKSpg (recommended)

I cant promise it will work better than the free one, but logic dictates it will. then re-install greasmeonkey and reinstall your userscript.

If that doesn't work then BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!

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