Super Slow Buffering + Noob questions - Starting out

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Super Slow Buffering + Noob questions - Starting out

Post#1 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:44 pm

Hi all,

I'm actually new to the xbmc world. Just got my android tv box, loaded with XBMC Gotham. Icefilms is probably the best add on, it's loaded with everything. The only issue is, a lot of tv shows and movies I load...I can't even watch. It will play 3-4 mins and that's it, buffered up. I can have it paused for an hour and it wlll maybe play for a couple mins until it's full again and pauses. I noticed at one point, I got a couple errors that my cache is full. I installed the maintenance add on and emptied the cache. Made no difference. I also enabled the 0 cache feature, nothing.

I'm not saying this is for all, could be bad sources.

Does anyone recommend which are the best sources in icefims? I usually use Movreel bc it doesn't request a captcha and I have no keyboard. I tried other random sources but I got the same result (for those certain shows and movies I tried).

Few questions;

1. How can I help with streaming and buffering issues? I have the 0 cache add on. Is there a way for the system to auto empty the cache so I don't have to manually do it every other day? Are there other tweaks and adjustments which I can make to help with this issue I'm experiencing?
2. What mouse and keyboard works best with xbmc
3. Is there a way for me to make a mirror to mirror image of xbmc and all my addons and tweaks so I can easily copy it to another andoroid box?
4. I want to make the box book automatically in to xbmc. How can I do this? Also is there a way to adjust my settings, for eg, wireless in the xbmc?

Here's the specs of my box

M8 Amlogic S82 quad core
2g/8g Mali450 GPU 4K HDMI
2.4G/5G Wigi
8mb cache (will 16 make a huge difference?)


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