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- The language in the chat is ENGLISH if you would like to talk in a different language, please do so via personal messages.

- NO Spamming/flaming/advertising/flooding e.g Lockerz invites,asking questions repeatedly to get attention, etc...

- No Spoilers! Ruining shows and movies for people that haven't seen them yet is not cool.

- No Banned e.g links,pictures, animal fornication youtube videos etc, anything considered adult material.

-No doxing. Any nonconsensual sharing of another's private information will result in an immediate ban for at least a month, depending on the severity.

- No links to competitor sites. Links to our listed partner sites,OMGPOP, blogs, articles, Youtube etc are fine as long as they are pertinent to the conversation at hand.

- No overly abusive behavior of any sort e.g sexual, racial, religious harrasment/discrimination etc , as long as others are not overly offended by it (Light smack talk is ok)

- If a moderator, or a fellow chat user asks you to stop with something because it is offensive or hurtful, please stop it. Play nicely.

- If you have any differences with a fellow chat member or moderator, you are to sort it out in private messages rather than spewing out death threats and hurling obscenities for everyone to see. Public rants on others will not be tolerated.

- No caps abuse.(unless you are doing CAD ;) )

- Please keep your chat backgrounds easy on the eyes. If it is eye f**kingly e.g bright etc, please change it. If a moderator asks you too and you do not comply, it will warrant a ban.

- There will be only ONE warning given out by the chat moderators, unless it's spam or an arguement that's getting out of hand. If one does not heed to their request, it will result in an INSTANT ban. Doxing, spamming and multiple users antagonizing each other will be banned without warning. If an unban id to happen it will be at the moderator's discretion. If a ban is removed, and the user returns and resumes the behavior that got them banned, they can (and most likely WILL) be banned again without a warning.

-Bans are to last 24 hours or less. If you are to get banned three times within a month you will be banned for a month. If you

-All in all, lets just have fun and enjoy the Ice community :)

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