Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

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Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#1 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:56 pm

So I recently encountered a new problem making icefilms not work at all for me. Until today I had no problems but suddenly when I try to watch a move streaming begins and then stops after a few seconds and reports that the download is finished when I for example only have downloaded 10 mb of 180.

Any help appreciated

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Re: Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#2 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:32 pm

you might be able to find a solution in this thread..

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Re: Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#3 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:17 pm

i have the same problem but i did what it said in the reply but nothing works
i uninstalled the browser the divxplayer and scripts and reiinstalled them
it didnt works
i have google chrome and windows xp sp3
my internet connction and modem is fine i just cant see movies in streaming anymore
it is very fraustrating
plz help

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Re: Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#4 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:49 am

i have that problem too
im using windows 7 with firefox i uninstalled everything and got all the add-ons that was suggested
tried google chrome and reset my modem and i still have the same problem

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Re: Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#5 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:33 pm


Something's interfering with your connection. The first thing you should do is clear your caches, and make sure you install the better privacy extension:

Whenever anything goes wrong, the first thing you should do is clear your caches and delete all your cookies:

Clear all cookies and browser cache (in Firefox) by selecting the clear recent history function. Be sure all applicable entries are checked (under the details tab), and be sure to select "everything" at the top. Then clear your divx download cache (right-click in player window, select preferences, download cache, and clear it). Restart your browser.

Please interpret the instructions for your browser (if it's not firefox). In chrome it's called clearing "all saved data." Try hitting [ctl,shift,del] then clearing EVERYTHING. The instructions for the divx webplayer are the same.

Note: Recently it appears someone had some issues because of the installation of persistent flash cookies (LSOs) on their machine. To remove them I recommend you get a browser addon for that purpose. For firefox, try Click&Clean, or Better Privacy - be sure to configure after installation. For chrome there's a Click&Clean addon, too.

Check your browser addons - plugins, extensions - anything that could POSSIBLY interfere. This means especially, scanners, blockers, firewall addons, etc.. Perhaps the quickest way, unless you want to try turning a couple of obvious things off first, is to create a fresh firefox profile:

Create a new profile with the firefox profile manager (in your start menu). Don't let it overwrite your old one - name it something like troubleshoot.

It seems firefox is doing away with it's built-in profile manager, so apparently there may not be a shortcut in your start menu (you can make one though). The new profile manager isn't ready yet, but you can still access the built-in one:

Make sure all instances of firefox are closed.

Go to the Windows Start Menu (bottom left button) and then select 'Run'. On Windows 7 or Vista, press "windows key+R" if you haven't enabled the "Run command" option for the Start menu.

Enter firefox.exe -P then click OK.

Okay, you've created a new profile. Type in your address bar and access this post in the forums. Go to this tutorial and install everything you need to use icefilms - don't install anything you don't need. Open the addons page from the tools menu and check to make sure nothing else (like malware scanners or firewall extensions) made it in under your nose. If something did, disable it. Try it. Does it work?

If it works, you can either delete your old profile and start from scratch with your new one, or you can import some of your personal stuff (bookmarks and extensions) from your old profile into the new one. To do that, you need to restart firefox with your OLD profile, and install the FEBE extension (search for it in the tools, add-ons menu, get addons, search). This will allow you to back-up various parts of firefox and save them, individually, in a single folder. You can then open firefox with your clean profile and restore the backed-up bits piece by piece, testing each afterward, to see if the problem has returned (actually, it's faster to do it in "halves". Restore half your extensions, test. If okay, restore half of what's left. Keep going until it stops working or all are restored). Of course, if it does return, you'll have to create another fresh profile and restore without the part that created the issue. After that's all done, delete the old profile and rename the new one "default".

I recommend leaving the "preferences" part of the restoration out of your new profile - it's easy to reset them manually, and they tend to be a source of problems.

Lastly, look to your desktop. Try disabling anything potentially interfering, ie., firewall, anti-virus, etc., and testing. Have you recently installed anything new, or do a major update? Perhaps you should consider some exhaustive scanning for malware with at least two different programs other than your regular antivirus.
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Re: Streaming stops- Says download completed when it is not

Post#6 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:26 pm

I always figure its the dragons out and about, blowing smoke & stalling connections...

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