IQS From install to .m3u player

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IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#1 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:18 pm

This tutorial is for the embedded IQS player.

Reason's to use IQS:
1. Built in dead link detection - If a link is dead it will be removed from Icefilms. This helps other users (they don't have to dig through the dead links), and the link hunters know what needs replacing (the database creates them a list of dead/missing listings).
2. You can close your browser after you open the file in your player. I.E. the player is fully independent - You can watch and use your browser at the same time. This will if you have a older computer with limited resources give you the option to close your browser to save Ram/CPU I.E. older systems will work.
5. You can save multiple .m3u files then add them to your players playlist to watch several Episodes/Movies without having to go back to Icefilms. Great for Binge watching a season. Note file host's give you 24hrs for the download link ;)

But I would like to enjoy IQS without the IQS installed guess what that is covered also.
1. Tutorial> viewtopic.php?p=1783#p1783
Or Simply:
Make a bookmark of that link> IQS Bookmarklet
Goto Host Page if it's dead it's gone. If not then solve capcha when you get the option to download then click the bookmarklet (Bookmark) and you will get the IQS player. You then will have the .m3u playlist file or the direct download link from the IQS player. Without installing anything.

Now the VLC Icon Image will download a .m3u playlist format file.
This can be opened by many players for streaming. Please check your player of choice for compatibility.
I will cover a few players for demostration you will have to adjust for your player/OS.
All images shown will be Windows 7 and Firefox.

After installing IQS Restart your browser.

IQS Installation Tutorials<<Click

How to manage plugins


Menu>More tools>Extensions

Menu Icon for both browser's Image

Help Section:
1. Choose Sub Forum Pertaining To You.
2. We need your Browser Type; Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE...
3. We need your Player Type VLC/Divx/ect.
4. We need a description of the problem. The more info the better.

Forum Search
Please do a quick search first most things have been covered.
There is also a search box at the top left of each section.

I will start with VLC and needed settings Install for your OS/system.
NOTE:If you already have VLC, I would recommend resetting all preferences as we will start from scratch.
Default Preferences Instructions:
VLC >tools>preferences> click `Reset Preferences` at the bottom left

Save after each change - All settings will be under tools -> preferences(Ctrl+p) -> show settings all bottom left:

Pause Issue Fix:
VLC -> tools -> preferences -> show settings: all -> input/codecs -> access modules -> HTTP(S) -> Auto re-connect ->Save after each change

Start/Stop buffering settings help:
Next is Stream output -> on the right side -> Stream output muxer caching(ms) increase this up to 900000
You can start low and test. I set mine to the max.

Next Input/codecs -> on the right side scroll down to the bottom -> Under advanced section -> Network Caching ->
Change File caching - Live capture caching - Disc caching - Network caching and clock jitter.
(ms) -> Change value between 1000 ms - 60,000 ms

Note: 5000 ms is optimal but you will have to figure out which value works for you. I just went to the Max again.

VLC always on top/full screen:
This setting you can change under the simple or advance. Under Video, simple settings shown.

Stream while downloading through VLC,Divx,Your stand alone player:
This is just another option if your player will play part/incomplete files

Now to associate the .m3u to your player this will apply to any player.

If you haven't set a program to use .m3u then it's easy. Just use the drop down and find your player.
If you player isn't listed then other if it's not listed there then browse and find your players .exe

If you have set .m3u then you will need to.
1. Save the file > goto the file location right click the file>properties>Then opens with change

If you have set it to always use a program then these options will not appear it will simply use what you have set.
Then goto control panel > Programs > Under Default > Make a file type always open in a program.
Find the .m3u in the list > change program like above.

If you install a new player you will have a option to associate file type's during the installation.

Now you can use WMP (window's media player) if you like. I have found that it will play everything for me except the new .hevc encodes.

Some popular player: (which are built off of MplayerX backbones)
and numerous others.

I have SMplayer so I will show you why I like it over VLC and the one thing you can change if you have buffer problems.
Not everyone will need to change this or use the same settings I again just went overboard on the settings. Just adjust up till your buffering stops.
Options > Preferences (Ctrl+P)

List of compatible players (Windows)
Which most will have installs for different types of OS.

What to click host breakdown:
Images are in order top to bottom.
You can right click copy the download link from the last page IQS or the host.
Then you can open that any player that will open a url

ClicknUpload Image

TussFiles Image

KingFiles Image Image

Uploadx Image

HugeFiles Image<< Doesn't work work with IQS >> - Download only -This is still what to do buttons.

For All Help

If I have made a mistake or you know of something to help then please point it out. Were all here for the same reason and we all can contribute to the common goal.
Or if you want to make a Tutorial for another player then please do.

Way (cool)

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#2 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:04 pm

Thank you very much for this tutorial and walk through. The screen shots really help as I'm not the most technically capable person.

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#3 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:07 am

Great work Way. I still will make a video tutorial showing the simplicity of Daum Potplayer though, no settings to tweak whatsoever. The player simply downloads at highest speeds possible, whether paused or not, the downloaded portion stays solid on disk, until the player is closed (temp).

I have a way to get hugefiles links to stream easy. Player file-type compatibility = very high (next to no issues for years). I do however have an older version of klite mega installed; so if compatibilty issues are had, klite. But if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Also will have to decide if I will include adblocking in TuT (using adblock plus + script safe). I mean I currently have ads nuked, but I have been debating whether or not I should disable adblock, and block loads of specific popup ads (trial and error to find which ones they are), and leave some banner ads ect. It would be a very sticky situation to try and do that though. Adblock plus blocks most all of the ads, but the couple nasty popup ads that get through I manually block with script safe. I dunno..

But yeah, you'd be surprised how many people are utterly lost when you tell them something as simple as; "Just associate .m3u file format under your OS to your player of choice". Rather it flies over their head; Nevermind so many other things that you need to know about icefilms, a video for the weak!

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#4 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:55 am

Icefilms Video Tutorial (addressing ads/ live stream media players + tips and tricks):

I move quickly in the video, so be sure to pause + read text to understand tings. Remove this if you don't want this here Way XD

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#5 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:30 pm

thank you! thank you! cool

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#6 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:13 am

Things are working I assume ? no post's is a good thing right?
un4gettable47 wrote:Icefilms Video Tutorial (addressing ads/ live stream media players + tips and tricks):

I move quickly in the video, so be sure to pause + read text to understand tings. Remove this if you don't want this here Way XD

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Re: IQS From install to .m3u player

Post#7 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:13 am

Like a Breeze my friend.. Haven't heard from you in awhile heard the winds were strong there yesterday I hope all are safe.


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