Tutorial – Hide Your IP Address for free, when uploading

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Re: Tutorial – Hide Your IP Address for free, when uploading

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Re: Tutorial – Hide Your IP Address for free, when uploading

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This is an old thread. However there may be some who wish to have a secure VPN.
Please see the tutorial referenced below my sig line, be paranoid-be safe.
A few observations....who me? :)
and then I'll quit.
ISP polices vary by region, actually even from network segment to network segment
depending on network hardware and legacy cable constraints. Certain areas may be overloaded and the ISP may tightly control how much equipment you put on the segment. Some ISPs inventory all of your equipment by Mac Address because they limit the total number of computers you have connected to the internet and more importantly charge you extra if you exceed the limit.
Changing the router MAC address will take down your internet connection if your ISP has a tight grip as above or if the router MAC address was duplicating an initial workstation MAC address. This arises when your cable modem is set up to connect to a specific MAC address, that of your initial workstation. You add a router and suddenly no connection. You change the MAC address of the router to match the original PC MAC address and all is well.

The ip-shield.net service costs $5.95 a month or $50.00 a year, for craps sake.
Don't use this method to steal a 6 buck a month service to change your IP folks.
I recommend http://www.strongvpn.com/ which is a little more expensive.
Use a free vpn service to change your ip if you can't afford a service (see the tutorial) and if you have the need for service and speed pony up the bucks to protect yourself and don't go trying to cheat the folks that are providing a service to cover your ass.

Sorry Brainfingers, Shalmainia is right, a layman trying to follow your antics could poke their eye out. Now I shall scold you Brainfingers for being rude to Shalmainia and I shall taunt you for being rude to a nation which I will wager has more IT professionals and computer users per capita with a longer history of use than any other nation in the world: neener neener neener.

thats really great post zampaz

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