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How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:38 pm
by matchingcal
I thought I would post this guide to help people who have a WDTV Live and want to watch icefilms through it.

The first method uses your computer to stream icefilms to your WDTV and does not require any changes to your WDTV.

You need to download PS3 Media Server ( and get the Icefilms plug in. The easiest way to do this is to install this version of PS3 Media Server ( It has Icefilms and a few other channels preinstalled and should work straight away. If you wish to just go with the normal version of PS3 Media Server you need to download and install PMSEncoder ( - this link includes installation instructions). Next download the Channels plugin ( and place this .jar file in the plugins folder in PS3 Media Server. Then you need to download RTMP Dump ( and extract it to a folder and remember where it is. Start up PS3 Media Server and click on general configuration and there should be a button saying channels. Click on this and set the RTMP Dump path to where you put the RTMP Dump .exe file. Now restart PS3 Media Server and you should have the channels installed.

It is now the same regardless of if you chose the SHB version of PS3 Media Server or installed the Plugin yourself.

Open PS3 Media Server and it will search for media renderers. You should see your WDTV Live along with a speed. If you now go into your WDTV Live and click on videos and then click on media servers you should now see PS3 Media Server in the list. Click on this and then click on icefilms from the next menu. You can then click on TV Shows or Movies and watch everything on icefilms.

You should check the PS3 Media Server forums for updates to both the SHB version of PS3 Media Server or for the Channels plugin.

The other option is to install an icefilms plugin onto your WDTV (this allows you to watch icefilms through a WDTV Live or through a standard WDTV with a usb wireless dongle. It does not support the WDTV Live Hub, WDTV Mini or the third generation WDTV Live - Model number WDBHG70000NBK, WDBGXT0000NBK) which will allow you to watch icefilms without the need for a computer to stream through. This does require changes to your WDTV and I would assume voids any warranty you have on it so do this at your own risk. I also have only tried this on a WDTV Live, not on a standard WDTV so the installation on that may be different. I know on some older firmwares there is no webend. If anyone with a WDTV tries this and finds that they can't get through to the webend feel free to either search for how to do it and add it on here or let me know that you can't access the webend and I will find out how to do it and edit this post.

The first thing you need to do is install custom firmware called WDLXTV. If you are on the original WDTV then download this firmware (!downl ... EAB25C|0|0). If you are on a later model then go to this site and choose your model and download the latest firmware ( You then need to format a memory stick into fat 32 and extract the downloaded firmware to this usb stick. Plug it into the usb slot (on the WDTV Live it's meant to be in the side USB, but I'm not sure if it makes a difference really) and unplug any other usb drives you have in the other usb slot and unplug the ethernet cable if you are using one. When you turn on the WDTV it should say new firmware update (it's something along those lines, I can't remember the exact phrasing). If it doesn't then there's a couple of likely problems. The first is that it may be that your current firmware edition is higher than the version you are now installing. Check in your WDTV's settings and if it is higher than the firmware version you are installing then open the wdtvlive.ver file in notepad and change the numbers to be higher. For instance if your version is 1.06.15 and you're trying to install 1.05.04 then change the .ver file to read like this - VERSION='1.07.22.WDLXTV_LIVE-'. Try again and it should work. If it doesn't then you have probably either not formatted it properly (don't use quick format if this happens) or you didn't eject it properly before removing the USB drive. Either way re-format and try again. If the version is now higher and it has been properly formatted beforehand then it should say new firmware. Press enter on this and it will install the new firmware. This can take some time so be patient.

Once you have the new firmware installed you should reattach your ethernet cable or usb dongle. Now on your WDTV go into settings and find where it says your devices IP address. Enter this into your web browser on your PC whilst the WDTV is turned on and it will ask for a username and password. The default is wdlxtv for both. You will then be presented with a webend to control plugins and the like. From here you can change the password and install the plugin. You first need to click config underneath UMSP and make sure that this is turned on. By default I don't think it is. Next click on addons manager and then UMSP plugins. You will now find a list of available plugins and about 10-15 down you will see one that says "Icefilms and more". Check the box next to this and next to any other plugins you want and then scroll to the bottom and click "save and apply". The plugins will then be downloaded and installed. Go back to the UMSP config and click on the title of "Icefilms and more." A check box should appear that says "Enable icefilms and more plugin" and make sure it is ticked which it should be. Now go onto your WDTV and go into media servers and select UMSP. Then select icefilms and watch whatever film or tv show you want.

I hope people find this helpful.

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 3:46 am
by true_devil
hi, is this method still valid with all the recent changes?

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 12:40 am
by matchingcal
true_devil wrote:hi, is this method still valid with all the recent changes?

The PS3 Media Server method works still but make sure you have the latest versions of the plug ins or the latest version of the Shark Hunter build. The WDTV Live plugin sort of works, but only with 180upload and vidhog sources. It hasn't been updated since the start of April but hopefully support for the rest of the hosts will be added at some point.

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Thu May 24, 2012 8:00 pm
by matchingcal
The plugin has changed, but for some reason I can't access the webend to install new plugins. Once I can and I see how it works (its not just an icefilms plugin anymore. It's included with a navi-x plugin) I'll update this post. The PS3 Media Server method still works exactly the same way.

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:12 am
by willphill02
I installed the SHB of PSMS. Then followed the instructions and updated it to the latest tv_chan plugin. But still ps3 media server on the wdtv all I can see is a folders. In the channels folder is something called "unlock all"? I cant see icefilms anywhere? Any suggestions?

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:44 am
I will like to know if this still working

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:39 pm
by matchingcal
To be honest I'm not sure. I don't use icefilms as much as I used to so haven't really used it for a while. I'll have a look in the next few days. I also still need to update it with the info for the new navi-x plugin.

Re: How to watch Icefilms through a WDTV Live (and non Live)

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:42 am
by 911icefreak
Are thee any updates for the WD TV Live Media Player model 2013 and up? It would be nice to watch Icefilms on it. If anybody out there has any info please share, Thank you.