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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:13 pm
by Way
This is a tutorial for all new members and existing members on how to post properly in the link forums.

As of late, we have been getting sub- standard posts and they will not be tolerated. All posts in the link forums must adhere to these simple rules >> << or will be denied for first time posters. Existing members need to adhere by these rules or their posts will be overlooked for mainsite addition or simply deleted. It is not that hard to do, but I will give you a walk-through. (y)

Four things are what we require:

> Title
> Image/Poster OR Description
> link for videos*
> Download link(s)

There is also a thread on this topic if you need help. >> << Refer to it if need be, or inquire in the general discussion thread. I will walk you through it step by step. The first thing required is the title, which you enter in the subject line of your post. Put in the title of the release or the title it goes by with IMDB. (The release year in brackets behind wouldn't hurt either.)

You put that here:


All post require an image/poster or description. Insert your images here:
(don't make it too big or too small, just right^^)


It is preferable that you do not "hot link" images as they will get taken down in a few hours of your posting. Instead, use an account with a free image hosting site. I used to use Lulzimg, but they died. Imageshack is your best bet. For those to lazy to do that, it is why we allow for the option of a description as an alternative. Please provide a description If you do not provide an image. I myself prefer using Moviefone descriptions, but you can use any you wish.

Always include a IMDB link in your post. IMDB links go here:


Of course, you need to provide the download link. ALWAYS code direct links. All direct links go here:


Always code direct links anywhere you post them on this site. It keps the prying eyes of bots at bay and helps keep the links alive. ;) Those are the basics. You can also tweak the post with NFO, spoilers, youtube trailers, etc. Ignore the megavideo, moveshare tags as they are irrelevant.

An example of how a post could look:



Joey Winner (Rob Stefaniuk) is a down and out musician, whose band has been playing to empty clubs for over a decade. When his manager (Dave Foley) advises Joey to fire him, his girlfriend (Nicole deBoer) dumps him, and a mysterious bartender (Alice Cooper) suggests he should kill himself, he’s about ready to call it a night. Everything changes however when bass player Jennifer (Jessica Pare) goes to an afterhours party with rock and roll vampire (Dimitri Coats). When Jennifer returns she’s different. She has a charged, sexual, death energy that is perfect for rock. People start turning up to the gigs and seem hypnotized by the new and improved line up. As the band tours down this highway to hell, the body count rises with the ticket sales. The band assumes Jennifer keeps getting sick in the sun and disappears at night because she’s on drugs. Once they get past the American border guard (Alex Lifeson) they play shows with the likes of Beef Bellows (Moby), record with an artist in exile named Victor (Iggy Pop), and wind up on The Rockin’ Roger Morning Show (Henry Rollins). But The Winners are not at the top yet and if Eddie VanHelsig (Malcolm McDowell) has anything to say about it they never will be. When the mysterious bartender returns with an offer for Joey, we realize why so many bands nowadays suck.

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-enter the link here-

If you have any questions left, ask a moderator or staff member. We'll gladly help you out.