The end of Gossip Girl (spoilers ahead)

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The end of Gossip Girl (spoilers ahead)

Post#1 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:03 am

First of all, there's probably a thread somewhere about this show, but I'm just too lazy to search for it.

Secondly, the title says it all, I'm going to discuss the ending of Gossip Girl so you have been warned.

I haven't watched GG for a long time and only tuned in for last night's episode just to know how it ended... and boy, was it a disappointment.

I did read all the reviews and watched all the memorable clips so I do know what happened and last night's episode didn't measure up... at all!

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration since Chair fans all around the world are crying and cheering. They got married! Finally! And the ending of GG (flashing forward 5 years), we got to see their son.

But for Serenate fans, they were disappointed. Extremely disappointed since Serena married Dan in the end.

Oh, and by the way, Dan was Gossip Girl. Yep, he was the one all along... which some of the hardcore fans find it a bit hard to believe since a lot of them found plot holes in it. Why was he Gossip Girl? Because he fell in love with Serena and wanted to be in her world (the richest and powerful Upper East Side gang). He was only Brooklyn boy and since he was poor, he invented Gossip Girl, basically ruined a lot of people's life, mainly the girl he was in love with, just so he could be part of the UES club. And the worst? He got in, got the girl and everyone lived happily ever after... except for Nate.

Nate... Poor poor Nate. Ok, so not so poor since we saw him probably running for mayor for NYC, but he's the only one who didn't have a partner at Serena's wedding. Which a lot of fans disapproved since he is the only nice guy who didn't screw other people (and Serena).
Seems like if you're a nice guy, you won't get your happily ever after in the UES stories.

Other shocking pairings: Lily and Williams (Serena's mother and father got back together *gasp*), Rufus with some random woman (nobody could identify her), Uncle Jack with Georgina (now that's a scaring pair).

Jenny, Eric, Vanessa, Lola and Juliet made a second only appearance.

On a side note, Blair and Serena's wedding dress were absolutely gorgeous.


Edit: Seems that the girl Rufus was with is Lisa Loeb. She was the host of that one show Lincoln Hawk played in during season 1. Thanks to a fan called Jay.

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