Touch (tv series 2012-)

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Touch (tv series 2012-)

Post#1 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:54 pm

Touch (tv series 2012-)

I only watched the first few episodes, but since season 2 began this year, it means that it's not terrible since a lot of new shows from 2012 had been cancelled.

I really liked episode 1, and even after the first few episodes, it still caught my interests, but since I don't have enough time, I cut this one loose.

First on all, this is a slow paced series. It's about this widowed father who has a son who refused to speek... except scream when touched. However, the viewer, in the same time as the father, realise that this boy is gifted, not smart-gifted, but gifted in the mathematical sense. Basically, this boy knows that everything in this world is connected through numbers and can predict what's going to happen. He communicats through numbers to his father who tries to write the wrongs...

You began with this show showing a lot of events and then you will later realise how everything is connected, that one action can influence a lot of lives.

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