How to browse IF with Android phone"iOS maybe"

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How to browse IF with Android phone"iOS maybe"

Post#1 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:26 am

You probably have tried access IF on your phone, just to quickly find out that near impossible, with the redirect quickly ruin it.
Well lucky you, now i found a browser that block some ads and stop redirects/popups, so it's possible to watch shows on IF.
UC Browser can do that, there is 3 versions, mini,normal,HD, only normal version works(mini let you browse but you can't click links). Maybe this works on iOS too, dunno i don't have any, but program comes to iOS too.

Here is what i do.

First click the link you wanna use, i use ClicknUpload as an good example(fastest speed at the time IMO).
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

If you get wrong ip page, just reload the page, or do as below.

Image Image

Now some videos requires codec that standard player don't have, then you can select a player you have that does, or simply because you like it more ect.(i suggest you only select "use only one time, or one time only", since maybe that player don't work all the time)

Above you see a selction of players that works well, wasn't room for VLC player, but thats good too
I only have a low end phone, so i only use sd/dvd rips, also 720p actually looks worse on a small screen :-)
And thats how you do it, if you got another idea, plz share it below, or if it works for iOS, plz share that too :-), or maybe a thx would be nice too hehe.
NOTE. MX Player don't have AC3 codec available, but there is a way around this, go here and get the codec for MX player (cool)
When i direct you to a videohost that you can't download from, use a program like jdownloader
Else try this addon for firefox, it can download many things also.
Also Internet Download Manager does a good job (IDM)

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